Reasons why men should start using sex toys

Sex toys seem to be predominantly a domain of women yet it’s not limited to the fairer sex only. Men too would benefit from sex toys. In fact, 45 percent men today prefer to use adult toys or have used them at some point in their life. One of the best benefits of using sex toys is that they help men to understand their body better. Besides, it also breaks the cultural barrier that men can’t use sex toys or that these toys are too much for their male ego. Are you a man who is at least curious about sex toys? Well, this post offers a brief on how men would benefit from using adult toys.

Enables to know body better

One of the best benefits of using sex toys is that these nifty tools help men to understand their body better. With toys, one would be able to explore his entire body and gain a good understanding of his specific sexual needs, wants and preferences. It’s to note here, the toys enable men to spend more time pleasing themselves than reaching immediately to penis-centric masturbation. Toys will make you patient and enable you to make your partner happier.

Breaks down unwanted cultural barriers

Sex toys for men not only bear a sexual significance but a cultural or social significance as well. They help to break down the unwanted cultural barriers and that too in a private, safe setting. These toys enable men to attain a better understanding of not just their bodies- but also their “selves”. This point is especially relevant for straight men. The patriarchal system has always defined certain acts as “non-manly” or “non-straight” which altogether offer a very a misguiding conception of “man” or “masculinity”. These barriers not just affect the behaviour of a man, but also his psyche as well as very conception of “self”. Sex toys help men to come out of these shackles.

For example, let’s take the act of pegging. A lot of men do enjoy anal penetration and the liking is not always restricted to gay men. In other words, many straight men actually enjoy anal penetration. But due to wrong patriarchal notions, there was a belief that a straight man can’t enjoy pegging and whoever does that is basically gay. And that’s just so wrong!

Now, when a man uses a sex toy, say a butt plug, and explores pegging, he gradually realizes that his liking for penetration does not make him gay overnight. He starts to break the taboo and cultural barrier that you can enjoy pegging even when you are straight. Most importantly, those realizations make them more empathetic towards homosexual men.

Amazing prostate massage

Prostate massage is pure bliss for any man out there. It will not only relax the prostate nerves and muscles but will also lead you to multiple, immensely powerful and lasting orgasms. In other words, you will experience the most intense ejaculation with a great session of prostate massage. Besides, prostate massage will even flush out any stagnant fluid stored in the prostate that may otherwise abet risks of prostate cancer. Besides, prostate massage would even ease out threats of fissures and haemorrhoids.

However, manual prostate massage is a cumbersome and tricky process. And this is where sex toys like prostate massagers come to the rescue. They can be inserted into the body easily and as they get inside, they will do the job for you like a pro. The good news is, these massagers are available in varying range of speed so that you can adjust the speed frequency and stimulation level as per your preferences.

You will find different forms of prostate massagers today –

Anal plugs- Also known as “butt plugs”, these plugs evoke the great feeling of filling “full” from inside. They are famous for incredible P-spot stimulation and you will enjoy even more when you try plugs with lovemaking or oral sex.

Anal vibrators– These vibrators are especially designed for the backdoor and engulf men in solid anal and P-spot stimulation. If you are planning to buy anal vibrator, try out those that come with varying speed patterns. These toys will allow you to experiment with mild to intense buzz, depending as per your mood.

Anal beads-Butt beads come with multiples beads or balls joined together. These beads are arranged in varying sizes, starting from the smallest size at the tip.

Aside from these anal sex toys, you can find more options when you view website of lovegasm.

Helps to manage ED

If you suffer from the problem of shorter erection, count on sex toys, especially cock rings.

As the name says, the ring is worn around the penis. Cock rings are a great prop for BDSM sessions. So, if you are planning to explore BDSM session with your partner- where you will be the sub- count on cock rings. But apart from that, cock rings have proven to be of great help to manage ED woes in men.

Intense masturbation

A healthy session of masturbation not only assures great sensuous pleasure but also promotes good prostate health. Besides, the very act has proven to ease tension and stress. It fills you with immense pleasure which works wonders to lower down blood pressure. In other words, masturbation makes you a happy man and your upbeat mood positively influences in other aspects of life as well.

Sex toys are an amazing aide for an invigorating masturbation session. Yes, of course, you can always do it manually. But the addition of sex toys takes the pleasure to a whole new level altogether. You will find male masturbators today that are specially designed with internal sleeves to double up the pleasure. Some of the even come with an in-built vibrator which can transcend your “O” game to a whole new world altogether.

Wrapping up

One of the best aspects of using sex toys is that they can take the pressure off your partner. Some days, your partner might not be in the mood to engage in intimate plays. You can always count on these nifty toys on those nights and enjoy seamless pleasure without disturbing your partner.

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